Why is Culture Important?

What is culture? What does it contribute to our lives? Culture is the sum total of meanings and practices that people attribute to things in their society. It consists of those meanings that people hold without regard to reason. For example, we might think that watching television, or watching schoolchildren on the television, is a culture. But this is not necessarily so. If we want to understand culture, we need to examine how and why we create such a culture in our society.

First, culture has a powerful psychological impact on us. It provides a sense of belonging for many people, and it can connect strangers instantly. It can also bind international countries and regions together. Culture is often the most distinctive aspect of a community, and outsiders may be fascinated by it. We should never discount it because it is different. If we’re not aware of its value, we could potentially harm our own lives.

In addition to its effect on the performance of employees, it also influences strategic direction and growth. Top leaders often speak publicly about their views of culture, even unintentionally. By interpreting these statements, we can learn a lot about their leadership style. We know that culture influences business outcomes and can be influenced by the leadership style of a company. Therefore, it’s important to consider the context of your company when creating a new culture.

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