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What is the difference between oily skin and combination skin?

Knowing your skin condition will help us take care of our skin more effectively. But among all skin types, there are two types of skin that are confusing. It is very difficult to distinguish between oily skin and combination skin. Many people may wonder if we are really having oily skin or combination skin.

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In this article, we will distinguish the difference between these two skin types. how is it different

oily skin

Let’s start with oily skin first. If you are a really oily skin type, your skin must have the following characteristics:

  1. About 1-2 hours after washing your face, it starts to have oiliness on your face.
  2. During the day The skin becomes noticeably greasy, especially in the T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin).
  3. If you are a person who wears makeup regularly, arriving at noon Cosmetics will start to fade. Because it’s on the surface itself. that removes those make-up to fade
  4. have large pores
  5. Frequent acne because of excessive oiliness on the surface causing it to sometimes clog pores cause acne

how to care for oily skin

  1. Use a gentle facial cleanser. It’s free from irritants like SLS and SLES, because the harsher you use it, the more it dries out.
  2. Use oil free skin care
  3. Use an alcohol-free toner to wipe after washing your face. to deep clean the pores and remove excess oil
  4. During the day, you should absorb some of your face. Do not let your face be too greasy. Because it may encounter problems with clogged pores. But it should not be wiped often. until the face is completely dry because it will dry out your skin And the skin will produce more oil to replace it.

combination skin

Combination skin is both similar and different from oily skin. The distinctive feature of combination skin is…

  1. Skin can have both dry skin and oily skin at the same time.
  2. The T-Zone is very oily, but other areas such as the cheeks and the skin around the eyes are dry and rough.
  3. Pores in the T-Zone area are particularly wide.
  4. Besides the oily face Combination skin people often suffer from dull skin and dry, flaky skin.

combination skin care method

  1. With the skin having both dry and oily skin Therefore, different care must be taken at each point.
  2. During the oily T-Zone, opt for an oil-free product with a light texture.
  3. During dry skin Use a regular skin care or moisturizer to add moisture.
  4. Avoid using toner on dry skin.
  5. Use a gentle facial cleanser. To prevent skin irritation problems and greasy than usual

This is the difference between oily and combination skin. Let’s check again to see what kind of skin we actually have. We will take care of each other properly and most importantly, no matter what kind of skin you have. Don’t forget to use sunscreen. To prevent the skin from being damaged by sunlight until dull skin. wrinkles faster than they should

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