Know about CBD, and the difference between CBD, and THC

What are CBD and THC in cannabis plants??

There are two compounds in cannabis. First, THC was discovered, and later CBD was known. (But it gives different results). They are of 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms. “The arrangement of atoms” is not the same.

Difference Between THC and CBD

Easy to imagine, like building two toy houses with Lego, using the same building blocks. Plus, there is the same number of puzzle pieces. But per person, so it doesn’t come out the same.

In the past, when humans were known to smoke cannabis, they understood that marijuana is soothing and “get” even before its substance was known. When I later learned that it contains THC, I understood that this substance was benign. And also affects the nervous system, But after studying it again, I found another CBD shop that helps to relax. But this substance does not result in “Get High” in any way, which is enough to continue to study. Both increase the amount (Dose) of CBD even more. Found that this substance has almost no side effects on the human body. But with the apparent side effects of THC instead. Symptoms include dry mouth, thirst, rapid heartbeat, slow reflexes, red eyes, or decreased memory. These are almost all the results of excessive THC exposure.

Back to the similarities of THC and CBD.

Both of these substances belong to the group. “Cannabinoids,” which are not only found in cannabis. But it is already present in the human body. Confused??

But the “cannabinoid” (Cannabinoid; CB) in our body only works when merged with “Cannabinoid receptors” or Cannabinoid rece[tor type 2 (CB2R) in our body, such as the cannabinoids in the brain. If the body produces it correctly, It will help relieve anxiety and reduce sadness. Now it should be understood why humans smoke cannabis and experience cannabinoid effects. Because humans can produce some, there are receptors in everyone’s body.

From the study, pharmacological research was Published in the journal Life Science in 2019 by the US National Health Database (NIH), a study of extracts from the cannabis plant. It was recently funded by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To develop a guideline for treating epilepsy patients with complications and unresponsiveness to available antiepileptic drugs. Autistic patients and patients with other neurological diseases, which is an experimental research study in laboratory animals with an anxiety disorder (Anxiety Disorder) in the symptoms of psychotic disorders, it was found that CBD extracts from hemp plants and cannabis were classified as substances. The phytocannabinoids, which are cannabidiol (CBD shop), are not psychoactive. The results of this study Are a further development from the knowledge that has been studied CBD in the human body. (non-plant extracts) which have cannabinoid type 2 (CB2R) receptors but have not shown the effect of good cannabinoidergic different from the extracts obtained from the cannabis plant. It’s a scientific breakthrough. The issue of cannabis plant extracts is becoming of interest to scientists around the world To develop to find a way to use it for medical treatment. Especially among patients who do not respond to conventional medications, it is fascinating progress information. CBD shop will help you to get good CBD products.

Get to know CB1 CB2

In 1991, Miles Herkenham and his team discovered the human THC receptor, CB1. The functions of the brain and the body are the Hippocampus (memory), Cerebral Cortex (cognition), Cerebellum (the integration of the nervous system to move the body), and Basal Ganglia (movement)., Hypothalamus (basic needs such as hunger, reproduction, and rest), Amygdala (emotions), and elsewhere.

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