Is it OK to Walk With High Blood Pressure?

While many experts recommend that you do not exercise if you have high blood pressure, walking can help lower it. Regularly walking for 30 minutes a day can improve your health. Walking is also a great way to get exercise for low-impact cardio. You can even go to the park with your family or a friend. Be sure to get enough sleep before you begin any exercise program, and to consult with your physician to determine your personal limits.

Exercise is important for the long-term control of blood pressure. Regular exercise conditions the heart and blood vessels, reduces stress, and improves mood. Not to mention that it feels great! Just remember to exercise cautiously and speak with your clinician before beginning a new physical activity. You should start slowly and gradually, and do not do strenuous activities if you have high blood pressure. Moreover, it is best to start off slowly if you have any heart problems, because exercise may raise your blood pressure too much.

There are several forms of walking that can help with high blood pressure. Walking can be done for short periods or longer sessions. Walking can also be combined with strength training. Walking can help with blood pressure, so be sure to discuss these options with your doctor before you begin any exercise program. However, remember to avoid sudden changes in your medications without consulting with your doctor. You can start your walking exercise with brisk walking.

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