How to Use Viviscal for Hair Loss?

What makes Viviscal so effective in fighting hair loss? This drug-free formula stimulates hair growth by using a proprietary marine complex. AminoMar C is a blend of marine protein, vitamins, and minerals discovered by a Scandinavian professor who isolated vital protein molecules from Inuit fish. Viviscal is not suitable for vegans, who may not be able to tolerate the product’s fish and shellfish ingredients.

Viviscal’s elixir reduces hair shedding:

The elixir is a treatment that consists of two active ingredients: zinc and keratin. Zinc controls the production of proteins in the hair and increases keratosis. When used properly, the elixir will reduce hair shedding while improving the structure of the hair. Applying the mixture to damp hair can reduce shedding. Alternatively, it can be used on dry hair as a styling aid. Viviscal’s elixir can be used daily and should be used after shampooing with the Viviscal Densifying Shampoo.

The elixir contains amino acids and plant proteins to nourish the scalp and hair follicles. The medicine helps the scalp retain more nutrients, promoting thicker, healthier hair. The Viviscal elixir is designed to work with the shampoo and conditioner included in the Thin to Thick treatment.

It prolongs hair’s time in the anagen phase of the cycle:

The length of the anagen phase of a hair cycle is determined by genetic predisposition. External factors cannot alter it; however, the hair follicle is extremely sensitive to these influences. These include the follicle’s metabolism, hormone balance, and supply of nutrients to its root. Because topical treatments must penetrate the scalp to be effective, oral therapies are preferred.

It contains a proprietary marine complex:

The proprietary marine complex in Viviscal works to give your hair follicles the nutrients they need. Viviscal Extra-Strength is a breakthrough formula that includes an aquatic complex extracted from fish proteins. The formula’s key ingredient, AminoMar C(tm), was discovered in the 1980s by a Scandinavian professor studying Inuit populations. His research uncovered the complex connection between protein and healthy hair.

Unlike many hair loss remedies, Viviscal works to re-grow existing hair. The marine complex provides vital nutrients to nourish hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth. It contains 475 mg of AminoMar. Viviscal Professional supplements are recommended for a three to six-month cycle. The maintenance dose of one to two tablets daily is sufficient.

If you’re experiencing hair loss, you should consider a drug-free option. Viviscal Professional contains a proprietary marine protein complex, AminoMar, which supports the growth of new hair follicles. Vitamin C and apple extract also boost the growth of existing hair follicles. The pills provide vital nutrients to the strands through the bloodstream, resulting in noticeable results in as little as three to six months.

It can be used with other treatments:

If you suffer from hair loss, you should consider using a supplement like Viviscal. This vitamin infuses essential nutrients into the scalp, which are absorbed into the hair follicles. Various hairstyles, over-pulling, and lack of nutrients cause hair follicles to die. Stress also triggers a hormonal response that leads to hair loss.

While Viviscal is safe for most patients, some risks are associated with it. While topical minoxidil can irritate, it can cause sexual dysfunction in men and women. Oral finasteride has also been associated with adverse side effects, including a possible risk of sexual dysfunction. Biotin can interfere with specific laboratory tests. But overall, the product is an excellent option for hair loss.

One of the benefits of Viviscal India is its speedy results. Sometimes, Viviscal can even be used with other hair loss treatments. Viviscal PRO can boost other hair loss treatments and help you see more hair growth in three months. Church & Dwight uses sustainable packaging and manufacturing practices and adheres to environmental policies. The company is dedicated to making great products in a safe environment.

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