How Can I Make My Acrylic Keychain Stickers?

If you’ve ever wanted to create a custom acrylic keychain, you can do so in several ways. The first method is to create a design on your computer. You can then print it out and cut out the design. This will leave a transparent layer and a white base.

Stickers are another option for customizing your acrylic keychains. There are several advantages of using custom stickers, including increased durability. They are also available in a wide variety of materials. Depending on your needs, you can select different materials and colours for the stickers. For example, vinyl stickers are usually more durable than plastic ones.


You can use a Cricut acrylic keychain to create custom keychain stickers. Choose an acrylic blank and cut your name and initials to create a unique gift. To create these custom stickers, you must know how to transfer the vinyl decals to the acrylic blank.

A Cricut machine can cut out the acrylic layers to create your unique keychains. You can also use the Silhouette Studio to create your designs. With either program, you can choose a background and top colour for the sticker and add tassels to complete the look.

Creating a keychain from acrylic is easy and inexpensive. You can use scraps from your Cricut machine and add a name, monogram, or business logo. This is an excellent craft for beginners and those who like to make gifts. You can buy economical blanks and other materials in bulk.

You can also use premium vinyl to add more colour to the acrylic. The acrylic blanks come with a protective coating on both sides. If you add an engraving, make sure to use sister vinyl, which has a colour on both sides. Then, slide the engraving tool into the engraving tool slot in the machine.

Once you’ve completed your design, apply a clear coat of acrylic paint or Mod Podge to the acrylic keychain. This will prevent the paint from peeling off. Once your finished product is dry, you can add embellishments to your keychain. This gift is sure to be a hit.

Vinyl design

Create a keychain sticker with your favourite vinyl design using a Cricut machine. You can choose from various colours and then load the mats into the machine. After the cut is complete, remove excess pieces. Next, use a jewellery tool to place a jump ring through the hole in the keychain. Once it is attached, add a tassel to the loop.

You can also use an acrylic key chain to apply vinyl designs. Choose vinyl that does not have a pattern because it will show through the design. Otherwise, use a solid colour design. Remove the coating from the acrylic key chain before applying the vinyl design. During this step, you should be careful not to overlap the design as this could make it difficult to remove the vinyl design once applied.

You can use vinyl with different finishes, like textured, glitter, and metallic. Transparent vinyl will layer well and look super cute on clear acrylic. For your keychain project, try using TeleTech Craft transparent vinyl. This material layers well and cuts twice. Translucent glitter vinyl is also great because it pairs well with many colours. A glitter vinyl will add a sparkling effect.

A Cricut machine is an excellent tool for creating acrylic keychain stickers. These are inexpensive and make excellent gifts. And because they are inexpensive, they are an excellent starter project for beginners new to the vinyl world. You can create these unique and functional accessories using your Cricut and various equipment.

There are many things to keep in mind when creating keychain stickers. First, make sure your design is compatible with the materials. Make sure the colours of your design match the materials. Also, pay attention to font size. If the font is too small, it may not be legible. It is recommended that you choose a minimum font size of 6 pt.

White base

Creating your design is the first step to making white acrylic keychain stickers. Use the ‘Artwork A’ layer to draw the design you want to use. Copy and paste the design to the Artwork B layer. This step will give you a front and back design. Then, print the design.

Before cutting, disable all layers except the one you want to cut. You should also resize the layers so that they fit the blanks. Select premium vinyl, default pressure, and fine point blade, then follow the prompts. When you finish cutting your design, you should remove the protective film from the blank and apply the transfer tape.

Transparency layer

When making acrylic keychain stickers, you can use the Transparency layer to add a second layer of colour. This is useful when you want a transparent background but do not want to cover up your design entirely. A transparent layer is perfect for keychain projects, as it allows you to cut your design twice, creating two different sides. Using transparent vinyl also makes cutting your design much more accessible. This type of vinyl is also available in glittery finishes, which give the design a little sparkle.

Once you’ve decided on the paper you’ll use, you’ll need to select the correct printer and ink. Some printers only accept specific types of paper. Also, print quality is critical. While most people use an inkjet printer to print stickers, choosing the right one depends on your project. The best inkjet printer has a print resolution of at least 1200 dpi. You’ll also need to select the appropriate media for your stickers.


Another option for customizing Holographic acrylic keychains is the use of die-cut stickers. These are perfect for personalizing gifts and advertising your business. These are an excellent choice for promotional events and fundraising campaigns. Using die-cut stickers is an affordable, effective way to create personalized items.

If you’re printing small amounts of custom stickers, digital custom sticker printing is the most cost-effective option. Digital printing makes it easy for small companies to print roll stickers in the correct quantity. This also makes it possible to produce professional-looking short-run custom stickers. Digital custom sticker printing also allows you to receive proofs by e-mail. You can also mail physical and digital prints.

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