Here is Everything You Need To Know About The New Debt Collection Tactic

Debt collectors are mostly known for their indecent and aggressive behavior. With time, they learned new tricks and strategies to scare and pressure debt owners to clear their debts. One such tactic is sending the debt owner to jail for not appearing in court hearings or debtors examinations. While this is not practiced in every state has become quite common in some states of America. 

It is natural to worry about whether you will end up in jail if you are a debt owner. However, you do not have to panic; just call a debt collection defense lawyer Chicago as soon as possible you protect yourself from ending up in jail. 

How is it possible for a debt collector to send you to prison?

Some states in the US permit debt collectors to file a police report and turn the debt owners behind bars if they cannot pay the debt. In most cases, the debt owner ignores the court’s warning and does not pay the debt even after the judge has given them a last chance. 

If you fail you follow the court’s order, the court will issue an arrest warrant against you and send you to jail. One thing that people do not understand is that they did not end up in prison because they did not pay the debt to the creditor; they were sent there because they did not follow instructions given by the court. Nevertheless, considering your creditor, the result is satisfactory for them as you will have to pay them to get out of jail. 

Laws that prohibit abuse

While some states are not quite active in stopping the abuse that debt owners have to endure, others have lawyers and legislators who are aware of the harassment and are working toward changing the laws. 

However, you must learn about the laws related to debt owners and debt collectors in your state to avoid prison or unnecessary trouble. Contact a debt collection defense attorney to investigate your case and prevent damage. 

How to avoid jail time?

Although debt collectors can be pretty intimidating to deal with, you must face them to avoid going to jail. Make sure you do not skip any court trial hearing related to your debt case, as it will give them the perfect opportunity to send you to prison. 

Moreover, you must hire an experienced debt collection defense attorney who will fight your case and ensure you are safe.

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