Can a Smartphone Last 10 Years?

A smartphone’s lifespan is based on its ability to perform basic functions, such as email. If it frequently crashes, it will need a replacement sooner or later. If it is still functional and isn’t susceptible to security attacks, it will last a few more years. Those who use their phones for basic communication will be fine for a few more years. If the phone is used for business purposes, however, its lifespan will decrease.

As smartphones reach the end of their usable life, they’ll begin to slow down. Once quick tasks start taking longer, they’ll become much more complex. While a new smartphone might be a good idea, don’t spend money on a smartphone you won’t use. Daily use will eventually wear down a smartphone, so keep it out of excessive dust. Clean it regularly using a cotton bud and avoid pressing down on the screen too hard.

When should you replace your smartphone? Your lifestyle will also determine how long your smartphone will last. If you’re a mobile gamer, you’ll need to upgrade your phone within 1.5 to 2.5 years, as the latest games will use more hardware resources. Additionally, the latest updates won’t be compatible with an older device. If you’re a social media addict, you might be in a hurry to upgrade your phone.

The average lifespan of a smartphone is between two and four years. However, if you treat it gently, you can extend its lifespan to five years. Even a three year-old phone will probably have outdated hardware and will be unable to handle modern applications. However, you should upgrade sooner rather than later to ensure a long-lasting phone. So, can a smartphone last 10 years? And can it really do it?

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