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The Bollywood Tadka game is a popular one amongst people who love to laugh. Its format is simple: players have to recite a funny dialogue from an Indian film by pointing to a slide. The players must guess which film the dialogue came from and then repeat the lines in the slide. The room echoed with laughter as everyone tried to guess the film. The game is popular among people of all ages, and has been played at countless corporate events.

The menu at Bollywood Tadka is extensive and includes authentic Indian dishes. The restaurant also offers tandoori oven treats and housemade cottage cheese. The space is decorated with traditional Indian decor. All dishes are freshly prepared and cooked to order. There are many vegetarian options available as well, and Bollywood Tadka also offers home-made Indian bread. The restaurant also offers online ordering of Indian cuisine. Its menu includes a full list of its menu.

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