4 Things You Can Make with a Cricut Machine

The world of home crafts is evolving every day. The addition of some computer-aided machines has given us a lot more options for our home craft and DIY projects and none has seen more popularity recently than the Cricut machine. It’s a clever little electronic machine that can cut designs from a variety of materials like paper and vinyl. Anything you’ve traditionally cut by hand with a craft knife or scissors can be cut electronically with a Cricut machine, and that unlocks a host of new home craft projects. Here are some of our favourite uses for the Cricut machine taraftarium24.

Sewing Patterns

Remember having to go to the craft store and buy patterns to create clothing, and then having to pin them to your material and cut the parts out with a sharp pair of scissors? Those days are behind us. Armed with nothing more than your Cricut machine and a Laptop for Cricut design work, you have a world of patterns and possibilities at your fingertips. Not only can the Cricut easily cut out sewing patterns for you, but some of the Cricut machines can also just cut the fabric out directly, without the need to have to pick up a pair of scissors. There is a vast library of sewing patterns available to you for use with the Cricut, so you’ll never run out of ideas or inspiration for your sewing projects.

Personalised Gifts

The Cricut unlocks a world of gift ideas and the ability to create personalised gifts for your friends, colleagues and family. It’s capable of making everything from personalised greetings, birthday and Christmas cards to drinks coasters, customized puzzles and fridge magnets. If you want to wow someone with a personalised gift, the Cricut can help, and it’s not too difficult to make it look like you bought it in a store. It’s gifting made easy. If you’re getting married soon, the Cricut can end up saving you a lot of money by creating your invitations and table décor too!

Custom T-Shirts

The next time you enter a competition as a team or want to create a t-shirt with a custom graphic or logo on it for your business, Cricut’s ability to slice through vinyl with ease will be at hand. By using a special heat transfer vinyl material and the Design Space software included with the machine, you can design and create just about any t-shirt you can imagine. Wouldn’t it be great to show up to the next league bowling game with your custom shirt?


This one is particularly fun for holidays! You can use Cricut’s vinyl cutting feature in a different way to create stickers you can use to decorate windows, drinking glasses and theme almost anything to fit the holiday. If you’re throwing a party, you can print and decorate everything you need to match the occasion. It works particularly well and is very effective on glassware!

The Cricut machine is a versatile and fun addition to any crafter’s arsenal and provides endless opportunities to create fun, innovative and personalised items of an almost unlimited variety.

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